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Discovering new places together is fun!

Experience Austria in a way that you'll never forget with iolo tours. We offer fun and informative tours that will take you on an adventure through this stunning country. Whether it's singing in a castle, swimming in a beautiful location, or something else entirely, our tours are sure to be an unforgettable experience.

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A bit about us

Get ready to experience Austria at its finest with iolo tours. Our team consists of only the best, certified Austria guides available. Meet our team and discover their passion for history, art, and meeting new people. Join us for an unforgettable tour of Austria!

Languages and qualifications

Only certified guides

Please be very careful when booking tours in Austria. Only take tours if the guide has completed and passed the Austria Guide accreditation. As guides we underwent very difficult training and had to pass 3 tough exams in front of an examination board to be approved by the government. The training can last up to 700 hours and can be conducted on topics such as Austrian history, art history, Austrian traditions, Austrian weather climate, industry, food, wines, beer and many more guides. These are not easy trials. We are tested verbally, we have to do a practical test on a bus and on foot and we have to know the legality of a guide, including running a business from an accounting perspective. What does this mean for you as a guest? This means that you are guaranteed that the information provided to you is accurate and that your guide has the skills and knowledge to provide this information clearly and precisely. The guide will be trained in first aid and trained in providing a professional service. They are self-employed and this is their livelihood. If your guide is unable to produce the Austria Guide license, they may be working illegally, telling you what they want and keeping their earnings away from the tax man. The quality of their knowledge can be very questionable. We at iolo tours only provide approved Austria Guides. See you soon







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